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Solid Waste Management and Regulatory Mechanism; A Key to Sustainable Development

Author : Ar. V. Lalitha Ramanujam, 1 Dr. Jothilakshmy. N 2

Date of Publication :21st December 2020

Abstract: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cannot be met unless waste management is addressed as a priority1. This paper includes the detailed study on one of the pillars of sustainability; The Pillar of Environment. This paper aims at current status of waste management & its effects on public health, the prospects of introducing a holistic Integrated, sustainable environment. Also aims at efficient solid waste management strategies in urban local bodies (ULBs) of the state of Telangana. Further, assessment of quantity, Characterization and classification of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Situation/Gap Analysis of the existing condition with respect to SWM Rules, 2016. Detailed planning for resource requirement & implementation strategies are discussed. Also suggested innovative processes and their enforcement for making the habitations litter free, bin free and dump free to prevent the health hazard thus achieving environmental sustainability. An attempt made to generate energy from waste – Waste To Energy (WTE). This paper also aims at exploring various challenges and constraints in policy making and the regulatory mechanism for sustainable development in urban context with respect to its waste management. Effort was made to arrive at solutions that the ULBs and the state governments could implement by improvising on administrative systems, making attitudinal changes and utilizing relevant technologies to augment human performance and efficiency.

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