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Social Media: An Important Tool for Branding

Author : Ritu Mudgal 1 Dr Priyanka Singh 2

Date of Publication :21st December 2020

Abstract: Today is the environment of large competitions among brands, whether it may be a store brand or national brand. Every company or organization try its best to promote his goods and services. As we see today the widely used source for promoting a brand is social media because consumers are very much active on social media and using applications like WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and many more. On these, social site promotion is very easy. People are geographically far away but they are linked through social networking site. Similarly, brands are easily promotable even outside the countries through social networking. The research paper will emphasise on importance of social media in promoting a brand. As there is a trend of e-commerce, branding of a product through online modes has a great scope. Things are day by day going more virtual rather than traditional practices of promotion. Social media marketing is also promoting green environment. So that there will be less traffic and less traffic will ultimately lead to less pollution and saves time in travelling also. Due to many feasibility qualities of social media, it can be considered as an important tool for branding purpose.

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