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Trainings and Employment; Limitations of Kudumbashree

Author : Sreesoorya Thiruvoth 1

Date of Publication :30th December 2020

Abstract: Abstract—This study argues that, women in Kudumbashree had been encouraged to enter in Agricultural work through JLG (Joint Liability Group) of farming with more liberal bank support. They were getting good trainings in agriculture through Kudumbashree and members liked to stick on this primary sector more than on micro-enterprises largely. However women were less observed in skilled areas of this sector. Kudumbashree employment training cannot supply skilled workers to the deficient sectors or it cannot transfer the members who accumulating on the elementary agriculture as skilled/semi-skilled workers in the same field. Besides, it has limitation to satisfy the women who are main earners of the family economically inside its employment planning in terms of trainings and types of employment.

Reference :

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    2. S. Thiruvoth, 2020. Deliberating the ‘Gender Needs’: A Case study of Selected ‘Special NHGs’ of Kudumbashree, Kerala. Women's Link. 27(2), pp; 26- 33

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