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Supporting Autistic Children With Verbal Apraxia Through Optimised For All Mobile Platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Mobile) Autism Friendly Educational Application

Author : Anna Maria Lozowska Maroufi 1 Oskar Narkowicz 2

Date of Publication :30th December 2020

Abstract: One of the most outstanding educators and psychologists, Lew S. Vygotski, in his reflections on play and its meaning believes that when talking about play, one should focus on two aspects, namely: it is necessary to consider the genesis and what role plays in development. Vygotski therefore believes that an answer should be found to the question: "Is play the most important activity of a child in this period of development, or is it simply a dominant activity? " He believes that from the point of view of development in the preschool period, play is not the dominant form of activity, but it is its most important path.

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