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Author : Aju Joseph 1 Dr. Shalini Gautam 2

Date of Publication :30th December 2020

Abstract: A similar threat was posed by the SARS virus about 18 years ago. In 2002-03, over 700 people died due to SARS. Thousands of people across the world were infected by it. It also had an impact on economic activities. No evidence has yet been found about the corona virus that the corona virus is spread through parcels, baits or food. Viruses such as the corona virus cannot survive outside the body for much longer. There has been a different uneasiness among the people regarding the corona virus. There is a shortage of masks and sanitizers in medical stores, as people are increasingly rushing to buy them. Based on information received from the World Health Organization, Public Health England and the National Health Service (NHS), we are giving you ways to prevent corona virus. Be it screening of passengers at the airport or screening of people in the lab, the government has made several preparations to tackle the corona virus. Apart from this, to avoid any kind of rumour, some instructions have been issued to protect themselves so that the corona virus can be dealt with.

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