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Reinforcing the Performance of P3R System in Real Life Situations using Customer Satisfaction Index

Author : Jayna Patel 1 Dr. Viranchi Shah 2

Date of Publication :18th March 2021

Abstract: The ultimate purpose of the operations management is support sustainable business growth. In pharmaceuticals, availability, affordability and accessibility of quality medicines are key necessities for this. This can be effectively achieved, in case of pharmaceuticals and similar products, by ensuring the availability of right quality of products, in right quantities, at the customer’s end. Efficient Operations management in pharmaceutical industry is the key to efficient supply chain. These efficiencies can be measured by measuring the customer satisfaction index. P 3R has been established as a revised form of the novel P3 system, which specifically addresses these issues by focusing on Production, Planning and Procurement, and fortifying the operations through track teams. This paper evaluates the performance of P3R system operations, by focusing on customer satisfaction index.

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