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Introvert Personality Among The Female Nursing Staff In The Urban Hospital

Author : Mr. Vinayak A. Chauhan 1 Dr. Ashwin Jansari 2

Date of Publication :18th March 2021

Abstract: The present study aimed to know the introvert personality among the nurses working in the hospital. It also aimed to check personality with reference to type of education and shift. The Introvert - Extrovert Personality Inventory (IEPI) by Dr. Ashwin Jansari (2013) was used. The sample constituted total 120 nurses out of which 60 were from full time female nursing staff (30 day shift and 30 night shift) and 60 from contractual female nursing staff (30 day shift and 30 night shift). The data was collected from Ahmedabad City. The data was scored, analyzed as per the manual. ‘F’ test was being calculated. The result showed that (1) There is no significant difference in the mean score of introvert personality among the full time and contractual female nursing staff, (2) There is significant difference in the mean score of introvert personality among the female nursing staff of day and night shift. Therefore it could be said that the female nursing staff of night shift group is having high personality than female nursing staff of day shift group and (3) There is no significant difference in the interactive effect of the mean scores of introvert personality with regards to the type of education and shift.

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