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Future Trends in Project Management

Author : Dattatraya Hebbar 1 Vikash Kumar Singh 2 Durga Sivashankar 3

Date of Publication :18th March 2021

Abstract: Project Management has been one of the vast subjects spoken in the modern times. Leaders in the organizations utilize this as a tool to execute the strategy and directions that they vision for their departments, business lines, perimeters etc. As project manager is first line of command from ground for any projects and this being the initial level of management in any organizations, he/she has the operational level hands-on knowledge on the projects and related information. With the rise of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Data Analytics in the 21st century, like many disruptions in the industry, it has impacted the project management profession too. Also the pandemic which has disrupted the way we work and manage since a year and we anticipate this will change the way organizations strategize their projects, manage workforce and projects. Generally, this profession forms 10%-15% of the headcount though there are exceptions depending on the nature of industry. Hence the future of this workforce is of importance for the organizations and workforce likewise. In this paper, let us see what could be the trends in project management activities in the next 4-5 years.

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