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Assessment of Jasmine Supply Chain Centered Upon Nilakotai Market

Author : Pramothraja Pandiaraja, 1 Sethupathy Senthil kumar 2 Rajkumar Sankarasubbu 3 Karthikeyan Samayan 4

Date of Publication :24th July 2021

Abstract: Jasmine value chain is dependent on the nature termed ‘Perishability’. Perishability serves to be a predominant factor in the assessment of nature of Jasmine supply chain. In Tamil Nadu several districts provide their contribution to promote jasmine supply chain among them Nilakotai district has been chosen due the presence of perfume industries and a wide pool of farmers who are into jasmine cultivation for generations beyond. In Nilakotai district Nilakotai market serves to be the hub that facilitates material and cash flow into the Nilakotai market-based value chain. A network is framed possessing the characteristics of the jasmine value chain centered upon Nilakotai market under three layers of nodes namely suppliers, dealers, consumers respectively. The networks are framed with distance and profit as central parameters respectively. These networks are analyzed based on resilience and inferences are drawn individually for both networks based on cost and distance centered and then these individual inferences are compared and a common characteristic determined and conclusions are postulated based upon results and inferences.

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