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Design of L Block Lightweight Block Cipher IP Core

Author : Aljazeera.K.R 1 Nandakumar.R 2 Ershad.S.B 3

Date of Publication :20th July 2016

Abstract: Existing cryptographic algorithms were designed to meet the needs of the desktop computing era and thus require significant resources to implement. Now a day’s most of the devices available in the market are resource constrained. Here lightweight cryptography plays a pivotal role. It lends itself to implementation as a block cipher providing a scalable, pipelined architecture. Most importantly, lightweight block ciphers can be implemented with low latency making them ideal for applications in which deterministic performance is required. In this project a detailed study of L Block block cipher is done which is a lightweight cipher in both hardware and 8-bit platforms and an IP core is developed after its implementation. The block size of L Block is 64-bit and the key size is 80-bit and it can achieve competitive hardware and software performances when compared with other known lightweight block ciphers. . L Block cipher is implemented on Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA (XC6LX16-CS324) and its performance metrics were obtained. It can serve as a benchmark for the hardware design engineers to model devices that utilizes lightweight characteristics

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