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On Fuzzy 𝑔##-Continuous Maps and Fuzzy 𝑔## - Homeomorphism Mappings in Fuzzy Topological Spaces

Author : Kiran G Potadar 1 Sadanand N Patil 2

Date of Publication :20th September 2016

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to introduce new class of Fuzzy sets, namely 𝐠##-closed fuzzy set for Fuzzy topological spaces .This new class is properly lies between the class of α-closed Fuzzy set and the class of 𝐠#-closed fuzzy set, we also introduce application of 𝐠## -closed fuzzy sets, the concept of fuzzy 𝐠##-continuous, fuzzy𝐠##-irresolute mapping, fuzzy 𝐠##-closed maps, fuzzy 𝐠##-open maps and fuzzy 𝐠## -homeomorphism in Fuzzy topological spaces are also introduced, studied and some of their properties are obtained

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