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Social Media and Cloud Computing: An Empirical Study Based On E-Commerce Organizations of Delhi NCR

Author : Rabee Ali Zaker 1 Nawfal Ali Zakar 2

Date of Publication :23rd November 2016

Abstract: Information is an essential source for organizations, industry and economy as well. Focus and priority has been shifted from traditional production factors-capital, manpower, material etc. to information first. The objective of this paper is to highlight the co-relational sides between cloud computing and social media towards the enhancement of the relation between E-commerce organizations and costumers. Now a day’s right and on-time information is must for any organization, which is being possible to access through cloud computing. So cloud computing has become as a key to success for these firms. E-commerce organizations heavily depend upon social media as the cloud computing facilitates the operation of the E-commerce business in the respective organization through timely and accurate data. It further expedites the reach of wide range of customers globally. The paper is based on the impact of social media and cloud computing on E-commerce industry. Data has been analyzed through statistical tools like average, frequency analysis and chi square test etc. SPSS-19 software package has been used to find out data analysis. Based on the analysis a conclusion has been drawn that cloud computing and use of social media in E-commerce organizations is the key for the success of the same

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