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An Intelligent Health Care Service by Using Collaborations Between IOT Personal Health Devices

Author : Ranjitha V 1 Navyashree R 2 Ramya M 3 Sharath Sagar Reddy 4 Mr M Ventatesh Kumar 5

Date of Publication :25th November 2016

Abstract: Management of chronic diseases is important to self-management for health. The IoT concept plays a significant role in self-management for health. In order to accomplish it, personal health devices need two functions such as application network protocol and intelligent service. But, most of them have only simple function such as indicating measured data and storing data temporarily. In this research, we proposed an intelligent service model for healthcare which gives an effective feedback to an individual. In order to do this, we introduced the collaboration protocol which transfers risk factors between IoT personal health devices. In addition to this, we proposed intellectualized service application algorithm which will be operated in the personal health device. Finally, based on the findings of the experiment, the effectiveness was confirmed on proposed model

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