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A Case study of 5S implementation in Manufacturing Enterprises

Author : Gopinath S 1 Vikram H 2 Sivarampandian J 3

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: In today’s competitive world, it is quite necessary for an organization to maintain certain key strategical tools to survive in the market. Lean manufacturing is defined as a systematic procedure which helps in the process of waste management and elimination within an enterprise. Lean manufacturing involves 5S which is a set of principles and standards. This research paper emphasis on formulating key essential certifications that a manufacturing industry must procure so to maintain standards. 5S is one of the key tools that a company can acquire that helps it in continuous improvement culture. 5S proclaims for certain visual disciplines to be maintained. 5S strategical represents systematic approach for the overall improvement in quality, productivity and improvement. This research paper proposes the various aspects of 5S and value based analysis is done using certain analytical software’s. SME’s were approached with different questionnaires and proper survey data was collected, interpreted and used for analysis. Relationship between each category is realized and conclusion drawn

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