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Experimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics on a Single Cylinder C.I Engine Fuelled With Simarouba Glauca as Bio Diesel

Author : Ghadge S.S 1 Manojkumar.N.U 2 Naik.K.S 3 Hiremath S.M 4 Hadagali.B.B 5

Date of Publication :9th March 2017

Abstract: In the recent years there has been a drastic increase in the automobile production all over the world as a result of increasing dependence on transportation mediums. Whatever might be the medium of transportation, it all needs energy and most of them depend on the petroleum products as fuels. Technically speaking Alternative fuel is nothing but any material other than fossil fuels, coal and its by-products or anything from earth crust that could be used as a fuel to power a vehicle. Bio-diesel can be extracted from different raw materials like vegetable oil, biomass, algae, milk scum etc. In which Simarouba glauca is one the promissing among them. This is being considered as they are cheap, renewable and are less polluting..

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