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Role of an Architect for Safety, Security and Privacy of Smart Cities

Author : Prof. Shrutee S. Dhanorkar 1 Prof. Aparna Tarar 2

Date of Publication :21st March 2017

Abstract: With the increasing population of urban areas, there are emerging trends and ideas for smart cities to respond the urgent need. It not only refers to the technical and technological advancement of the cities but it does refer to the planning aspects of the city which will help the citizens to have safe and secured built environment; retaining the privacy of spaces. These planning considerations will have great impact on human lives and their issues related to privacy and security. There is a conscious need to include privacy and security requirements into architectural Designs from the initial stage of design. The paper summarizes the major challenges and emerging issues to be watched out for the planning considerations of safe and secure built environment of smart cities. The key observation is that security and safety can be achieved: 1. By carving out interactive junctions to replace dark narrow spaces; 2. By imposing the spaces which can be directly viewed through the structures around (visual connectivity); 3. By integrating un-built spaces with the built spaces which will be used for different activities in different time slots of the day. In larger perspective this research proves to be fruitful for contribution towards smart city planning strategies which can be referred for designing safe and secured environment maintaining the privacy. This helps to nurture the sense of safety in built and un-built spaces of a smart city.

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