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“Role of Hawthrone Studies in Human RelationApproach” Neo Classical Theory

Author : Mandeep Singh 1 2

Date of Publication :25th May 2017

Abstract: Human relation approach has highly influential in the modern world, first coined in the industrial scene, has penetrated far reaching scenario since its relatively recent inception in the 1920’s by Elton Mayo and his colleagues. They are well kno wn as Mayo group in human relations literature. Illumination experiment is the first one with which they started experimenting; later on they did some other experiments also. Elton Mayo often referred to as the Father of the "Human Relations" approach because of his intuitive thinking. He headed a staff of men who were to revolutionize the then-current trends and beliefs in industrial relations at the Hawthorne plant of the western Electric Company in Chicago. "In general, the studies established that men are not typically individualistic and materialistic, but social beings with social as well as material needs." This study shows how Hawthrone studies make an impact in human relation approach and it also reveals the importance of social and psychological factors in determining the workers’ productivity and satisfaction.

Reference :

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