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Laminar flow of electrically conducting non- Newtonian power – law fluid past a stretching flat surface in the presence of thermal dispersion using spectral relaxation method

Author : Uma maheswara rao K 1 G.Koteswara rao 2

Date of Publication :16th June 2017

Abstract: In this present study, a numerical investigation has been carried out to discuss the steady, two dimensional laminar flow of heat and mass transfer of electrically conducting non-Newtonian power law fluid in the presence of thermal dispersion. The flow is induced by a stretching flat surface. The solutions of the transformed nonlinear equations have been obtained by using Spectral Relaxation Method (SRM) and the results are validated by comparison with numerical approximations obtained using the Matlab in-built boundary value problem solver bvp4c, and with existing results available in literature. The results are presented graphically and discussed for various resulting parameters. The rate of heat and mass transfer become larger for shear thinning fluids compared to Newtonian fluid and shear thickening fluids. Thermal dispersion strongly influenced the temperature profile.

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