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Isolation of Medicinally Important Compounds From Selected Mangrove Plant Leaves

Author : D.Divya 1 Dr.G.Simhachalam 2 Dr.N.S. Sampath Kumar. 3 Beaulah 4

Date of Publication :29th June 2017

Abstract: This Paper examines the recent investigations on the biological activities of extracts and chemicals identified from mangroves. It describes how people have and are using mangroves on a traditional basis. It also describes the world's mangrove resources and products, in terms of their economical importance, medicinal values and other uses and functions. The economical uses of products from mangrove ecosystems are many and varied. Traditionally, the mangroves have been exploited for firewood and charcoal. Mangrove Ecosystems play an important role in preventing cyclones and tsunamis at estuaries from entering into interior land and in the economic development of local inhabitants. Mangrove plants have special adaptations such as stilt roots, viviparous germination, salt-excreting leaves, breathing roots, knee roots by which these plants survive in water logged anaerobic saline soils. The study of mangrove ecosystems in the deltaic region of Krishna river, particularly extracts and chemicals from mangroves are used mainly in folkloric medicine despite such enormous potential; remarkably few reports are available on these species regarding their biological activities and the active principles responsible for such activities. Though some chemical studies have been made on the mangrove plant leaves of this estuary

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