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Investigation of Oxidaizing Character of Potassium Permanganate and Mechanism of Oxidation of Monosaccharide in Acidic Medium

Author : Yugendra Kumar Soni 1 S. K. Chatterjee 2 K. N. Bapat 3

Date of Publication :21st June 2017

Abstract: Investigation of oxidizing character of potassium permanganate and mechanism of oxidation of monosaccharide has been done spectrophometrically by using Systronic Spectrophotometer-105 at maximum wavelength 545nm at 305K. The first order kinetics was observed with respect to the concentration of added salt. Experimental data of rate constant indicates that rate of reaction does not depends on the concentration of salt. Insignificant figure of k was measured. It has been found that carboxylic acid derivative of monosaccharide produced as a final product of the oxidation reaction

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