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Detection of Toxin Genes in E. Coliisolate PE74 by PCR analysis

Author : Mary Conice 1 Usha M.S. 2

Date of Publication :7th September 2017

Abstract: E.coliisolatepe74 culture which showed positive for cytotoxic effect was selected for PCR analysis. On genomic DNA isolation, isolate pe74 showed prominent band on agarose gel electrophoresis. Isolatepe74 was analyzed for the presence of stx, stx2f, stx2, stx2c, stx2e, eaeA, stx2dandhlyA using different primers. On PCR amplification isolate pe74 showed no amplified product for Stx1 however only primer dimmers were observed in sample. PCR analysis of isolate pe74 showed positive to stx2f with a band close to 150 bp and a band between 100 and 200 bp for stx2c

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