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The Isotropic and Anisotropic Stellar Masses for a Charged Matter

Author : Jefta M. Sunzu 1 B. Prabhakar Reddy 2

Date of Publication :15th September 2017

Abstract: In this paper we compare the relativistic masses for isotropic and anisotropic stellar objects. We use the exact solutions obtained in the work by Sunzu and Danford in order to compute the relativistic stellar masses. We have used a model that is charged and adopted a linear equation of state consistent for a quark matter. It is indicated that the relativistic masses generated are in the acceptable range when compared with stellar masses previously found by other researchers. Our model indicates that the masses for the isotropic case are higher than that of anisotropic object. Our results are therefore significant for the study of effects of the anisotropy on the charged stellar objects

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