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Human Resources Information System - Its Benefits and Importance with Respect to Recruitment in Modern Corporate Scenario

Author : Angelin vilma.G 1 Subashree.S 2

Date of Publication :13th September 2017

Abstract: The Emerging trends in modern management have lead to higher use of technology in executing all its functions. Recruitment as a function is no exception to this. Information technology can be used as a weapon to enhance nearly every aspects of recruitment process. Use of Human resources information system in recruitment allows a company to rightly identify potential candidates for right job and it also attracts prospective employees to apply for the job, to attract a wide pool of candidates, to get needed information about after hire candidates (Employees) and their complete database for future use, HRIS also makes it easier for the company to know the exact cost spent on recruitment which helps in budgeting future recruitment cost. The paper will emphasize the benefits and importance of Human Resource Information system with respect to recruitment in corporate scenario

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