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Preparation of Cupcake Using Whey Powder as Egg Replacer

Author : Mane K. A 1 Khandekar V. B 2

Date of Publication :24th October 2017

Abstract: In present study cupcakes were prepared by using three different combinations of maida and whey powder as egg replacer. For preparation of cupcake all ingredients such as maida, sugar, shortening, milk, baking powder and whey powder were mixed to form batter. This batter was poured in moulds and baked in oven at 170 0C for 15 min. Three samples were prepared using three different combinations of maida and whey powder (100:15, 100:25 and 100:35). Protein content of cupcake using whey was found in the range from 12.09 to 17.80%. The protein content was found maximum i.e. 17.80% in sample containing 100:35 proportion of maida and whey powder followed by sample containing 100:25 proportions (15.10%). Carbohydrates in cupcake were found in the range from 44.00 to 47.10%. Fat content were found 27.00 to 27.80%. Organoleptic properties were evaluated by using 9 point hedonic scale. Better colour and taste were observed in case of cupcake containing 100:15 and 100:25 proportions of maida and whey powder. The overall acceptability of cupcakes with 100:15 and 100:25 proportions was 7.9 and 7.4, respectively

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