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Economic aspects of Croatian emigration

Author : Fran Galetic 1 Lorena Skuflic 2 Tomislav Herceg 3

Date of Publication :25th October 2017

Abstract: Migrations are currently one of the most relevant topics in European economics, because they affect all European countries. Migration can be regarded as emigration or immigration, and in this paper we focus on emigration. Emigration has always been a problem for Croatian society, but in last decade it has grown rapidly. The entry in the European Union has made emigration from Croatia even more simple and popular, as many persons, mostly young and active population, move to another country of the EU with the hope of finding better life conditions, primarily regarding the employment. This is connected to conditions on the labor market in Croatia, and the high rate of unemployment. In this paper we analyze Croatian emigration from the economic aspect, and we try to detect the correlation between emigration and economic variables, such as unemployment. A special focus is on the unemployment of youth. We also present the trend model for number of persons emigrating from Croatia, and based on the estimated model, we predict future values

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