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Simulated Annealing Load Balancing Algorithm for Cloud Data Centres through Ant Colony Optimization

Author : Pallavi Gajjar 1 Vinayak Malhotra 2

Date of Publication :28th April 2018

Abstract: Research efforts in Composite solid propellants are mostly carried out at standard operating static conditions and hence majority of the studies have taken place by considering lower values of supersonic area ratio and chamber pressure. The work addresses evaluation of the combustion and propulsion characteristics under elevated conditions. Composite solid propellant [AP/HTPB/Al] is selected and systematic parametric studies are carried out using NASA-CEA. The simulations were carried out for elevated chamber pressure, supersonic area ratio conditions along with varying fuel concentration and O/F ratio. The performance was analyzed in terms of change in specific impulse and characteristic velocity. The study comprises of investigating the optimized composition criterion under varying conditions. The simulation predictions were duly verified and validated with the benchmark experimental and theoretical works. The results were compared with the preceding static testing of the composite propellant under normal conditions. Results show that high values of controlling parameters and high energy materials do affect the composite propellant performance. Based on the results, an effort is made to reason out the trends obtained under elevated operating conditions for the necessary effects. Additionally, useful information regarding the inclinations of energetic materials under elevated conditions is explicated..

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