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Coronary CT Angiography in Asymptomatic Diabetes Mellitus

Author : Dr Aamir Rashid 1

Date of Publication :24th October 2017

Abstract: Coronary artery disease is often asymptomatic in diabetic patients until the onset of myocardial infarction or sudden cardiac death. . Coronary artery CT angiography can detect Coronary artery disease with high specificity and sensitivity. Aims & objectives : To evaluate the prevalence of coronary artery disease by CT angiography in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients asymptomatic for coronary artery disease with one or more additive risk factors for coronary artery disease. Methods: This hospital based observational study was conducted from March 2013 to August 2014 at GMC Srinagar. This study was carried out among Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients asymptomatic for coronary artery disease with one or more additional risk factors for coronary artery disease. Total of 52 patients with Type 2 diabetes patient underwent Cardiac CT ..Observation & Results: Mean age of study population was 57.08 ±9.33 years..34 were males and 18 were females. 65.39% of total patient who underwent CT Angiography had plaque in coronary arteries while 34.61% have no plaque and normal coronary vessels. 19.23% patient have significant stenosis defined by luminal narrowing more than 70%. There was statistically significant relation between those who have patient significant stenosis and non-significant stenosis with regards to mean age ,BMI ,duration of diabetes , HDL ,LDL ,total cholesterol ,TG,HbA1c and coronary calcium score. Conclusion: Asymptomatic diabetics with additional risk factors have high prevalence of atherosclerotic plaques with 19% having obstructive CAD .The timely detection of CAD can help in optimizing treatment.

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