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Cariogenic strains isolated and identified from dental plaque biofilm of caries active and caries free subjects

Author : Richa Sharma 1 Shailja Singh 2

Date of Publication :19th October 2017

Abstract: Total 500 sample of caries active and caries free mouth collected from dental unit and analysed for isolation of pathogenic strains. Isolates showed variation in their pattern of percentage recovery according to disease diagnose in each subject. 450 sample considered to be positive for complex communities of colonizing and acid producing bacteria. The sub gingival, supragingival, and different multiple site were selected to collect plaque sample of particular oral disease diagnosed in pateint. Streptococcus mutans bacteria was achieved higher in percentage of total positive cultures from plaque sample as compare to other streptoccoi group bacteria. The pattern of distribution of streptococci varied in different oral disease. Significant difference in pathogenic strain pattern recovered from male, Female and Children subject. Enterococci recovered more in female as compared to male subjects

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