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Effect of pectinase enzyme on physicochemical properties of guava juice and process standardization for Guava Syrup

Author : Prof. P. D. Shere 1 Dr. D. M. Shere 2

Date of Publication :24th October 2017

Abstract: Efforts were made in present investigation to utilize guava pulp to prepare guava juice using pectinase enzyme. The process was standardized for enzyme concentration, incubation period and optimum temperature based on juice yield, clarify and chemical composition of clarified guava juice. Addition of pectinase enzyme at 0.75% level to guava pulp and incubating the pulp enzyme mixture at 7.5 hr at 450C was found to be superior to other treatments. The clarified juice obtained was higher in TSS, acidity and ascorbic acid as compared to control. The juice obtained was standardized for preparation of guava syrup. Results revealed that good quality guava syrup can be prepared by maintaining juice: sugar ratio of 1:0.75 and acidity at 0.8 %.

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