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Catalytic free technique for Synthesis of InN nanostructures

Author : Shyam Murli Manohar Dhar Dwivedi 1 Anupam Ghosh 2 Shubhro Chakrabartty 3 Aniruddha Mondal 4

Date of Publication :12th October 2017


Reference :

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    3. S. M. M. D. Dwivedi, S. Chakrabartty, H. Ghadi, P. Murkute, V. Chavan, S. Chakrabarti, S. Bhunia, A. Mondal, “Pine shaped InN Nanostructure growth via Vapour Transport method by own shadowing and Infrared detection”, Journal of alloy and compounds Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 722 (2017) 872- 77

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