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Study of Conduction mechanism Of Barium Titanate ceramic

Author : Neetu Ahlawat 1 Monica 2 Sujata Sanghi 3 Navneet Ahlawat 4

Date of Publication :18th October 2017

Abstract: Impedance measurements have been performed on a sintered polycrystalline single phased perovskite BaTiO3. The ceramic is found to crystallise in tetragonal phase. The frequency dependent conductivity is observed to follow double power law σ (ω) = σo + A1ωs1 + A2ωs2. The ac conductivity analysis depicts two dispersion regions resulted due to grains and grain boundaries. The results revealed three types of conduction mechanisms namely; long range hopping, short range hopping and localised motion. The value of activation energy is obtained 0.89 eV from Arrhenius type temperature dependence of dc conductivity in the temperature range 583K-673K.

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