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Prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus in acute coronary syndrome patients – A hospital based study

Author : Dr Aamir Rashid 1

Date of Publication :19th October 2017

Abstract: Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease are two widely connected entities .The prevalence of undiagnosed Diabetes in and impact on survival of ACS patients is largely unknown in our population .Aims and objectives To study the prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus in acute coronary syndrome patients and study short term all cause mortality in different diabetic and non diabetic subgroups -a hospital based study. Material & Methods The study was conducted in the Postgraduate Department of Medicine at Government Medical college, Srinagar. It was prospective Observational study .It included all patients, admitted as acute coronary syndrome in medicine department in between the period from April 2014 to August 2015 with diagnosis of acute coronary Syndromes which include STEMI, NSTEMI and Unstable Angina. Patients was categorized into 5 groups known T2DM , prediabete, first time detected Diabetes ,Non –Diabetic ACS patients (5) Stress induced hyperglycemia . .All cause 30 day mortality was seen in all patient taken under study. Observation and results . In our study total of 693 ACS patients were enrolled. The mean age of patients was 61.20 ± 11.69 years. Males predominated in comparision to females with 4:1 ratio. 102 (14.7%) had undiagnosed (first time detected) diabetes. Diabetic and 1st time detected diabetic had double the mortality as compared to the normal and pre-diabetic group(10.8 %,8.8% vs 5.8%). Conclusion: Undiagnosed diabetes in patients with ACS is not uncommon in our population .Diabetic status profoundly affects the short term mortality of ACS patients

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