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Experimental Study of Esterification of Carboxylic Acid with different alcohol using various Catalysts

Author : Amit Keshav 1 A.K.Poonia 2 Nishant Joshi 3

Date of Publication :17th January 2018

Abstract: Esterification of carboxylic acids (acrylic acid, acetic, propionic, butryic) with different alcohols (ethanol, methanol and propanol ) catalyzed by hydrochloric acid has been carried out in stirred batch reactor under atmospheric pressure. Effect of different catalysts was also studied in the present work. A comparison between homogeneous catalyst (HCL and Hydrogen iodide) and heterogeneous (Dowex) has been carried out. It is observed that HCL catalyzes esterification reaction rapidly followed by Hydrogen iodide and Dowex. The maximum conversion of 45.7% of acryilic acid is observed at 420 mins under operating conditions as molar ratio of reactants = 1, reaction temperature = 333.15K

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