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Removal of Ammonical Nitrogen using Biological Bacterial process

Author : Helly Mehta 1 Desai Raj 2 Shiv Mehta 3

Date of Publication :16th January 2018

Abstract: The study culminates in the development of a hybrid process in abatement of one environmental problem of the industries generating ammonical wastewater. The removal of NH4-N from Pharmaceutical wastewater was conducted successfully on a laboratory sale. The Scope of this research or experiment was to study the Biological Process by the use of mixed bacterial culture for the treatment of Pharma wastewater. Mixed bacterial culture with different concentration were used for biological nitrification and denitrification process for a comparative study. In biological process, different concentration of bacterial inoculum were innoculated in anaerobic condition. The results shows around 90% reduction in COD and Ammonical nitrogen by this process

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