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A Study of Needs of Enhancing Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competencies in Thailand

Author : Tongluck Boontham 1

Date of Publication :16th January 2018

Abstract: The objectives of this research were to study the needs and guidelines on enhancing vocational teacher’s professional competencies. The sample was 400 vocational teachers in vocational schools in Thailand using multi-stage random sampling. Research instruments were dual-response forma questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Priority Needs Index (PNI) and content analysis. The research findings were as follows; 1. The current state of enhancing to vocational teachers’ professional competencies was at a high level and the expected state of enhancing to vocational teachers’ professional competencies was at the highest level as follows; instruction aspect, self-development aspect and teaching professional ethics aspect. That means the needs of enhancing vocational teacher’s professional competencies in all aspects. 2. The most critical needs were self-development Aspect, followed by instruction aspect, and teaching professional ethics aspect as follows; The most critical needs in self-development were research and development. The most critical needs in instruction aspect were instruction planning preparation. The most critical needs in teaching professional ethics were living the good life

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