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Rheological determination of thermally treated Water clover leaves puree

Author : Richa Gopal 1 Amit Keshav 2 A.B. Soni 3

Date of Publication :25th January 2018

Abstract: Rheological behavior of water clover (Marsilea vestita) leave puree is important for the design and establishment of processing units. All rheological measurements were carried out in the temperature range of 28-60ºC. The Power law fit with yield stress provided a good description of the flow behavior of the puree and behaved as a shear thinning fluid. The storage modulus (G’) exhibited larger than the loss modulus (G’’) for the puree under oscillatory shear tests. Puree showed decrement in the consistency index from 337.65±0.94 to 189.24±0.67 significantly (p<0.05) with the increment in the temperature level.

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