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Personality Factor in Cognitive Process: Does Extravert is Superior than Ambivert?

Author : Nasir Yusoff 1 Yan Shan Tai 2 Saidah Napisah Muhammad 3 Tahamina Begum 4 Faruque Reza 5

Date of Publication :15th March 2018

Abstract: Background: Differences in personality may indicate dissimilarity in the process of cognition. Objectives: To investigate the personality factor (extraverts versus ambiverts) in cognitive processing through the neuroscience approach (i.e. Event-Related Potential technique). Method: Forty undergraduate medical students from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) were recruited and screened for personality by using USM Personality Inventory (USMaP-i). In the Event-Related Potential (ERP) session, participants (N=19 ambiverts and 20 extraverts) completed a visual oddball paradigm in counterbalanced order. Results: As compared to ambiverts, the extroverts showed diminished P300 amplitude at the frontal region (Fz electrode), but not at other regions. Conclusion: Eysenck Theory on the superiority of extrovert (as compared to non-extravert) to experience better psychological well-being is challenged, thus, signalling the important implication to the humanity and society

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