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Sino-Iranian Oil Investment: Current Status Analysis and Countermeasure Research

Author : Soroush Haghsefat 1 Yan Zhijun 2 Kianoush Haghsefat 3

Date of Publication :8th March 2018

Abstract: One of the most significant current discussions in Economics is the foreign investment factor, which Iran and China also have been involved. As China is the most prevalent foreign exchange reserves, united with superb latent in Iranian oil investment environment, bilateral cooperation will not only endorse the development of Iran’s oil diligence, it will support the growth of Iran’s national economy, but also it will have the same outcome for Chinese enterprises, and it is more vital to provide a solid guarantee for China’s oil security. Furthermore, oil imports security is a necessity to oil security, economic security and deliberate issues. Nevertheless, Iran is the world’s one of the largest oil producers; hence sustaining noble oil trade is considerable for China’s oil security part. The research to date has tended to focus on Sino-Iranian oil trade and investment qualitative. The purpose of this paper is to review the recent researches conducted on the contemporary situation of Sino-Iranian oil investment in oil cooperation barriers and risk analysis. As a final point, according to this study, this paper will hand out ample countermeasures on the subject of Sino-Iranian oil investment development

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