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Biblical Elements in the Select Poems of Dylan Thomas

Author : Dr.Indira Parmar 1 2

Date of Publication :15th March 2018

Abstract: The central theme of the paper is life, his contemporaries, a little bit about his works, the impact of Bible on his poetry. The paper also highlights the movements he was associated. The paper is about the elements of Bible in his poetry. His poetry is religious, obscure. He was greatly influenced by surrealist and apocalyptic movement. Dylan Thomas’s poetry is about procreation, birth and death, that is why he is called a womb tomb poet. Dylan Thomas composed a Sonnet sequence ‘Alterwise by Owl-light’. This paper is about the brief introduction of his sonnet sequence. The references of the Bible which have come in the poetry of Dylan Thomas have been given. The short introduction of the poem i.e. ‘fern Hill’, ‘Vision and Prayer', ‘if I were Tickled by the Rub of Love’, ‘Light Breaks where no Sun shines’, and ‘Holy spring’ has been given.

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