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Identification and Evaluation of Anemia Using Various Hematological Tests

Author : Shwetma Mishra 1 O.P. Verma 2 Jayanand 3 G. S. Shukla 4

Date of Publication :14th March 2018

Abstract: Anemia is the commonest disorder of the blood and affected all age groups now days. It is diagnosed as low Hb count in Blood or decrease no of RBCs normally. Many biotechnological tools are formulated for accurate diagnosis of anemia e.g. Analyzers’ for CBC counting, Neubauer chamber for cell counting, Microscopic findings of Bone marrow examination etc. The study has dynamic impact on the overall development of detecting the disease in the very early stage. It is less time consuming and easy way to find out presence of anemia in a person. They are either suffered by chronic illness or infected by blood parasite. It is also found out that traumatic disorder is also responsible for the cause of anemia. Some samples shows that it is hereditary or acquired. The study of anemia deals with the treatment of blood related disorders & tumors that are present in the human body. This study is fairly new one in India but is gaining rapid importance that is shaping the future of various patients that are actually carrying this disease

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