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A Study of Stock Market Investors’ Perception towards Price and Term of the Investment

Author : Dr. Shalu Kotwani 1 2

Date of Publication :17th May 2018

Abstract: During last one decade investment pattern of investors has changes. Now the investors consider many factors like primary and secondary sources of information, risk and return of the investment, sectors’ volatility and so on, before investing, but still the most important and common basic factor that is considered by the investors is price and term of the investment. Based on the current price of the security, the investor decides for how much time he is going to hold that security. This research focuses on what investors of stock market think about price and term of the investment and how this factor affects their investment decision. To extend the same, this research reviews the previous studies on the investors’ perception and stock market concepts. Z- test was used on 160 stock market investors of Indore, Ujjain, Dewas and Bhopa

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