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“Mountains and Rivers in my Blood”: Environment as the Level of Integration above the Individual in Select Works of RUSKIN BOND

Author : Dr. Jayeeta Ray 1 2

Date of Publication :17th May 2018

Abstract: Ruskin Bond a contemporary writer was born in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and lived in Delhi, Mussourie and Dehradun and the beauty of these plains had a telling effect on his writings. This writer is a philosopher who observes things that others fail to see or would never even think of seeing. He makes the simple, ordinary objects of nature come alive and dazzlingly bright through very lucid language that comes from genuine passions. He possessed a genuine faith in life and this faith he attained in the lap of nature. In all his works we find nature being prioritised and at times placed above individual psychological workings. Ruskin bond is a versatile genius who writes essays, novellas, poems and a number of novels. He has also written five hundred short stories and articles published in anthologies, in his book, Rain in the Mountains, his flirting with nature and words that have the capacity to bring to life nature becomes evident. In his novellas, “The Room on the Roof” (for which he won the John Llewellyn Memorial award), in another novella “The Vagrants in the Valley “and in his short stories we see him prioritizing nature..

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