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Evaluation of Pollutants and Determination of Contaminants in the Bellandur Lake, Bengaluru

Author : Chethana Jane 1 Pooja L. Amin 2 Ananya S 3

Date of Publication :16th May 2018

Abstract: Environment comprises of living things and non living things such as air, water and land. The destruction of the ecosystem is now a major concern. A steadily increasing population has left India at a critical point and thus the country is facing a massive scarcity in potable water and other necessities. The country has lost about 38% of its wetlands in the past decade. The lakes in the city of Bengaluru were mostly irrigation tanks with high bunds built in the 16th century. Rapid growth of population and urbanization in the city has led to the deterioration of the lakes. Bellandur Lake being a fine example has fallen victim to untreated sewage waste and has been severely neglected in the past years with no systematic environmental study. Hence a study of its characteristics, effects of pollutants and capacity must be undertaken as well as a design plan for restoration is essential

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