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Synthesis of CH3OH fuel Extracted From Atmospheric CO2

Author : Rakshan R 1 Puneeth S 2 Ravikiran N S 3 Binubalachandran 4

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: As of today, CO2 hydrogenation to methanol is a powerful alternative to renewable energy, which can mitigate both global warmings by CO2 utilization and by reducing the usage of fossil fuels. Therefore, the conversion of CO2 to methanol is one of the topmost research priorities all over the world. As the CO2 sequestration process is expensive, there has been a quest for finding other alternative options. The CO2 obtained can be converted and used to support various reactions by varying their ratios as per requirement. The catalyst Cu-ZrO2-ZnO was preferred than Cu-ZrO2 because of its conversion rate and stability in the reaction during the hydrogenation process.

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