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Salubrious Curcumin Fortified Whey Beverage Formulation and Study its Antioxidant Property

Author : Ankitha R 1 Laxmana Naik N 2 Ashwani Sharma 3

Date of Publication :20th June 2018

Abstract: In this 21st century, sedentary lifestyle has hampered the eating habits which has resulted in inadequate intake of essential nutrients, thereby giving rise to various health complications. The food and beverage we consume plays an important role on our health and intake of right diet help to overcome diverse health problems. Nutraceuticals provide the required dietary supplements with presence of epigenetic modulators have emerged as potential therapeutic agents. Curcumin; a bioactive compound is a potential epigenetic modulator with beneficial properties to promote health. Whey is a by-product of dairy industry, also shows health beneficial properties, in current trend whey based beverage are sold as nutraceutical. In the present study an attempt was made to fortify the curcumin in to whey in order to develop a curcumin rich whey beverage. Curcumin was extracted from raw turmeric by solvent extraction, it was purified. Curcumin, sweetener and flavor level were optimized in the fortified beverage. The antioxidant activity of curcumin extracts and formulated whey beverage was determined by DPPH assay and it was estimated to be 60.56% and 43.51% respectively. Developed curcumin fortified whey beverage had 2 weeks of shelf life at refrigeration condition. Due to whey and curcumin, developed product can be considered as beneficial and highly nutritional in terms of functional properties

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