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Existentialism: A Philosophical study

Author : Kamna singh 1 Dr.jagdish singh somvanshi 2

Date of Publication :8th August 2018

Abstract: This paper throws light on the philosophical doctrine of existentialism along with its prominent thinkers. An effort has been made here to present a comparative study of "existentialism" . It is a 20th century philosophy, which lays stress on the subjectivity and individuality of human existence. Søren Kierkegaard, generally regarded as "the father of modern existentialism" is the first European philosopher,who coined and used the term "Existentialism". He emphasized that "subjectivity is truth,subjectivity is reality". After him so many thinkers like Karl Jasper,Martin Heidegger,Jean Paul Sartre ,etc, explored this idea with their own views. They enlightened the world of & quot; Existentialism " with their philosophical views.

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