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Anita Desai- an Indo-Anglican Novelist & Existentialist concern In Her Novel “Cry the Peacock”

Author : Kamna singh 1 Dr.jagdish singh somvanshi 2

Date of Publication :10th August 2018

Abstract: Anita Desai, original name Anita Mazumdar, (born June 24, 1937, Mussoorie, India), English- language Indian novelist and author of children's books who excelled in evoking character and mood through visual images ranging from the meteorologic to the botanical.She published her first novel, Cry, the Peacock, in 1963. This work immediately established her as a major voice in Indian literature in English. Since then, Desai has steadily published novels, short stories, and children's literature.Her maiden novel "Cry the Peacock"evinces Maya's quest for liberty from reality, loneliness & fear of death, which do not let her to be at peace with herself. In order to assert liberty from present turmoil she takes the help of route to go back to her childhood. Thirst for liberty haunts her so much that she becomes aggressive to such an extreme point that she takes the most unusual and ghastly step of doing away with her husband which is rarely taken by a female

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