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Mechanistic Evaluation of Allelopathic Potential of Nyctanthes Arbor – Tristis on Cell Division and Growth of Onion Root Bulb (Allium cepa l.)

Author : Dr. Shelmi Antony 1 Dr.Benny P J 2

Date of Publication :10th November 2018

Abstract: Our previous studies have reported the allelopathic potential of Nyctanthes arbor – tristis leaves (Antony S. and P.J. Benny, 2017) and isolated a semi-purified fraction MN F10 with very significant allelopathic activity (Antony S. et al., 2018). Different concentrations of MN F10 were used to determine its allelopathic potential in relation to the cell division and root growth of Allium cepa L. The allelochemical present in this fraction induced a considerable reduction in growth and cell division of roots of the treated onions. The mitotic index was also found to be very low. The results revealed the mechanism of action of allelochemical present in Nyctanthes arbor –tristis, which necessitates further studies to test its allelopathic effect under field condition and efficacy in the soil

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