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A Study on Consumer’s Awareness towards Online Shopping

Author : B. Bavitra 1 L. Prassana 2 Dr. S. Vanitha 3

Date of Publication :13th February 2019

Abstract: Online shopping (also called online buying behaviour and Internet shopping or buying behaviour) refers to the process of purchasing products or services via the Internet. E-commerce has been growing very fast because of many advantages associated with buying on internet because of lower transaction and search cost as compared to other types of shopping. Through online shopping consumers can buy faster, more alternatives and can order product and services with comparative lowest price. Internet shopping in India is increasing day- by- day and the popularity is even increasing. The internet has changed the way people to shop. Earlier it was just going to market or the main area of the city to shop. After the dot com boom and the rapid rise of the use of the internet, people can now shop online without leaving their comfort zone from their home. Not only internet is used for communication, but it is used for varied purpose like reading news, education, entertainment and for shopping on the internet make consumers more convenient purchase product. Thus this study shows how consumer are aware towards using of online shopping and how individual are aware to make decision t spend for available resources money, time and effort on consumption related items.

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