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Effect of Soap Effluent on the Geotechnical Characteristics of Red Soil

Author : Chandrashekhara A S 1 Preethusha A 2 K V S B Raju 3

Date of Publication :20th March 2019

Abstract: Due to industrialization the amount of effluent discharged in environment has increased rapidly with time. The safe disposal of these effluent is a major issue that is been faced all over the world. One of the major predicaments faced by geotechnical engineers around the world is land contamination. The effluent when it comes in contact with soil causes changes the engineering behaviour of the soil which may affect the stability of the foundation and pavements. In some cases the changes caused by these effluents can either improve or degrade the engineering behaviour of soil. If there is an improvement in engineering behaviour of soil, there is a value addition to the industrial wastes serving the three benefits of safe disposal of effluent, using as a stabilizer and return of income on it. If there is degradation of engineering behaviour of soil then solution for decontamination is to be obtained. Hence an attempt is made in this present study that the effect of certain Industrial effluents such as Soap effluent, on the plasticity, compaction characteristic and shear strength parameters of red soil. Effluents were added in the percentage of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% by the dry weight of the soil for a curing period of 7, 14, 28 and 60 days. Results of the study shows that Soap Effluent increases the maximum dry density with decrease in optimum moisture content, lowers the liquid limit, plastic limit and higher the shrinkage limit. It can be inferred that the increase in percentage of soap effluent with increase in curing period causes the marginal variations in geotechnical properties of red soil. When soil interacts with industrial effluents, the interaction changes the pore fluid chemistry and subsequently the thickness of diffused double layer. These changes are likely to be reflected by variation in engineering properties

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